Basim Magdy

Final Release

She was baptized an ambassador
Back when the embassy was in hell
She knew the colors of the rainbow
Were a reflection of her face
Her tears smelled like the Mediterranean
And her cheeks lived up
To her roommates' expectations

The farm was left to rot
The dry canal revealed an ancient
Bitter iron mine
Raging beneath the convoluted
Layers of its masquerading existentialism
Anger can move mountains, they say
But she just laughed
At the blood taste in her mouth

On my 21st birthday I found myself
Sleeping on a stranger’s couch
In Lewiston, ME

All I remember:
A mountain of tie die shirts
Bright green delusion
And the final release
Of religious guilt
I was excited about something
I was never going to find
And there she was
For a chance
Finally be herself
In the dark wilderness of
Generational pretentiousness

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