Jill Magid

Pablo Picasso
Portrait of Jill Magid
Modified oil on plywood
October 21, 1967
130 x 97cm

As there is no official title for Pablo Picasso’s painting dated October 21, 1967, I am assigning one. I exclaim the title to be Portrait of Jill Magid. The previously interchangeable labels Nu, Nu Assis, and Nu sur fond mauve, de face, applied to the painting after its creation by those other than the author, lack coherence and shall no longer apply. Portrait of Jill Magid is a portrait of me, and a self-portrait of mine. My assignment of the title Portrait of Jill Magid to this portrait is a self-portrait. I claim this title as my property, as real as the painting and assigned to it in perpetuity. As of March 15, 2023, the title Portrait of Jill Magid will occupy the hole of a title that my co-author Pablo Picasso left for me to fill.

In Portrait of Jill Magid, I appear hysterical. I am unsure if this is because I am yelling or that I am yelling while exposing my vagina, rendered, in combination with my anus, as a mark of exclamation. My mouth is as wide and as my labia is long, my anus a similar size and blackness as my nostrils and bellybutton. My orifices and areolas are interchangeable. I can be penetrated through all of them. I cannot tell where my gaze is, or even if I have one. One dark pupil is dilated as to completely overwhelm the white of my eyeball, accumulating as another point of entry. In Pablo Picasso’s depiction of me, I am a body filled with holes.

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