Miriam Simun and Dede


A year plus on, Miriam Simun and Dede take us back to the beginning of the pandemic, to the beginning of this sudden collective awareness of just how slippery the boundaries between bodies really is. A reflection on being in a leaking body encountering other leaky bodies while pining for antibodies.

The journey begins with Miriam’s text, but pays tribute to the personal experience that is in fact a collection of the voices that surround us – and we hear entry of other voices, other languages, other registers into the mix, namely: Dede, Mimi Schulz, Ayumi Matsuzaka, Jason Hargrove, Lena Simoun, Cardi B, George Sanders, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Hilton Als read by William DeMeritt.

The musical texture Dede mixes together to bring us along is fittingly diverse – mood swings abound. The one constant is this year’s endless feeling of start and stop, start and stop, start and… drifting into nowhere. Two songs are pulled from Fred Moten and Harmony Holiday’s track list ‘On Music That Makes Space,’ a nod to ‘records that create or bridge distance.’ And Randy Weston, who left this planet just a few years before this mess began, lusciously takes us home.


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