Rachel Urkowitz

Dream Delivery Service

Your dreams, delivered to your door*

An ongoing collaboration with friends and relatives who send me descriptions of their dreams.
I return their dreams to them by mail.
What follows are the first six, and the descriptions, or as close as I could remember of what they told me.

*with deep gratitude to the dreamers and the USPS.

I'm in a kind of biosphere that is somehow not attached to the earth but attached to the atmosphere, like the atmosphere is a ceiling, and this glass enclosure is hanging from it. All I can see below me is ocean. We aren’t above any large land masses. I'm constantly looking down, and somehow this makes me valuable among the other people in the enclosure. They're looking at phones and other handheld devices, and at each other. When I tell them to look down they seem grateful and excited, like this is a really special idea that they couldn't have come up with themselves.

I arrived at the entrance to a park in London, and my former boyfriend was waiting there to get married to me in a suit decorated entirely in cherry blossoms, but in patterns that looked like a fancy western embroidered suit.

I was alone and back in our beautiful old neighborhood in Berlin. [Although I know that neighborhood well,] in the dream I was trying to find my way back to our apartment from U-Bahn stop, about a three 3 block walk. But I kept going the wrong way, inexplicably, and the walk was taking several hours, as the Berlin streets were/are very long, would sometimes lead to a circular roundabout that was difficult to cross, and the more I walked, the further away I was from my starting point-the U-bahn stop. Finally, I gave up and hailed a taxi to take me to the u-bahn strop, as I was sure I would be able to find my way home from the u-bahn stop. The taxi already had another passenger, a businessman of some sort, who was also going to the same u-bahn stop. As we pulled up to the u-bahn stop, the taxi driver suddenly became very angry at my fellow passenger, and when he exited, the taxi drivers jumped out of the taxi, ran around and killed him, by pounding his head again and again on the curb/street/sidewalk. I was finally at the u-bahn stop, my destination to restart my walk but was now in fear of being killed by the taxi driver for what I had seen, so I fled the scene and joined the crowds heading down into the u-bahn station before the taxi driver could find me. [in my dream, I felt very guilty for not staying around as a witness to the police].

I don't remember where I was in this dream or any of the circumstances, just that suddenly there were these white rabbits, and I was so happy to see them - they were of a normal size and let me get quite close, but when I wanted to touch them they seemed quite cold, which was disconcerting. Then i turned and saw that another rabbit, this one dark brown and fairly enormous, the size of a large dog, started climbing a wall to my right. He was really strong and made it up the wall quite easily but in the process he started taking down large chunks of the wall.  The rabbit didn't get hurt in the process, I think this was when I woke up, with this very powerful image of the rabbit scaling and dismantling the wall.....

A bunch of skateboarders are balancing on a wall, doing really dangerous looking tricks. They somehow don’t fall.

I just graduated from the Police Academy and with an experienced detective am going out to arrest a bad guy in a subway station nearby. We notice I don't yet have a pistol, so I go to a pistol supply store.  When I enter it turns out to be the front car of a very old wooden subway train.  Instead of seats it's set up as a big kitchen, with wood shelves and storage bins and dish racks.  There's a conference meeting going on. The inventor of the new Subway Soup Kitchen scheme is showing us how she cooks meals for the thousands of people who will get on that train on their way to work. ("Meals on wheels"?    '"Flapjacks on Tracks"?  "Stew on the Way to Avenue U"?)  I get out of the train to transfer to another line that will take me to lower Manhattan.  The platform shifts to become an intersection between Flatbush Avenue on the way up to Grand Army Plaza (where Bill Long and Iska Alter live) and Broadway around 160th Street near where William Lyon Lee lives.  I'm lost, and no one is speaking English, but I turn down a livery cabbie's gestured offer to help.  Wake up.

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