Zoe Beloff

In August of 2016 I began to have a cold sick feeling that Donald J. Trump would be the next president of the United States. I had never heard a right-wing demagogue first hand, and now I felt compelled to face my fears and experience one in the flesh. First and foremost, I wanted to document Trump’s supporters, to understand energy of the crowd. To blend in and in the spirit of ethnographic research, I went dressed as an ‘alt-right housewife’.  I decided that a phone camera was too much of a blunt instrument. There are thousands of YouTube videos showing a sea of white faces in red hats. So, I decided to draw the event, four hours in a sweaty, packed gymnasium. Think of this sequence of images as a documentary film on paper.

6.29pm Champions

6.45pm You Want Your Country Back

7.12pm Lock Her Up

7.20pm Crooked Hillary

7.30pm Buried Alive


8.00pm YEH!!!

8.05pm USA! USA!

8.20pm Jobs

8.30pm NRA