Christine Rebet

Looking for BB

“Looking for BB" is a series of drawings that I created more than ten years ago for French film director David Teboul during the production of "La Méprise" (Bardot, The Mistake). His film, produced by Arte, is dedicated to French actress Brigitte Bardot’s personal and public archives.

I followed the director around the mystical port city of St. Tropez as his crew were scouting and shooting the locations that define the icon’s private life. On these visits, I concentrated mostly on the empty scenes and mundane corners found among the actress’s houses, gardens, animals and family tombs, metaphors, in a way, for the gaps in her biography and what remains unknown of her work as an animal activist.

For Teboul’s film, we used the drawings as animated sequences to re-create missing or confidential archives and as motion graphics for the end credits.

I lost the originals in the Istanbul airport during a flight transit.

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