Jessica Bardsley

The Mystery Game Remains a Mystery*

You were a girl who was half human and half alien or robot.

You were an animal, I remember a dog and you would run around.

There were two trolls, one green and one purple.

Giant lizards or giant turtles.

There were special abilities like lightning.

There were zombies coming from the floor.

There were bars and stores you could go into.

There was a secret island of money you could walk to to get rich.

There were two army bases on two islands connected by bridges.

There was also a future, underwater, savannah and wonderland.

You were one color and the enemy army was another color, I believe it was like green and red.

The enemies were robed things that knocked you down and devoured you.

If you caught up with them then you could get the gem and if you kept it long enough before they got it back you could time travel to different places and times.

You could choose between several types of weapons like rockets and machine guns before heading off to a mission.

You had workers. To get more workers you built houses then put them in the houses which created more workers. You then could convert the workers into other things such as soldiers. You could send them to build towers, walls.

You got gold or money by waiting, I think. There was no gold mine, nor minerals, nor diamonds.

Tiny animals had been cybernetically altered into mechanized warriors.

A man who killed monsters, collected money, bought stuff.  

This tank rolled through like space or the moon.

Planets and junk, way beyond asteroids for sure.

Heavy armored but slow ship.

Medium balanced one.

Very fast but fragile ship.

You could move wherever you wanted.

You controlled from a bird's eye point of view.

You also had some special powers, such as spawning turrets and calling in a dropship.

You could build a castle out of the ground anywhere the white orbs floated to.

You had a building that constantly spawned tanks, and you could control them. The enemy had the same. The tanks could destroy each other, but not the buildings.

The bad guys were running an operation from the basement--they would come upstairs in order to capture the other women. In the bathroom, one woman had a slip on and the guy comes from behind a door and grabs her with his long hook and pushes her through the revolving wall mirror.

The woman lets out a horrible scream.

The monster reproduces a monster child.

The wizard collects crocodile tears into a potion jar.

I don't really remember.

You went back into your castle at night and you talked with someone and got ambushed inside the castle and you had to escape.

You had to get past these guards after you came out of a tunnel from a jail.

There was some sort of sewer and it was dark and you could easily get lost in it.

There was a playground that if you sat in the swing there was a hole in it which basically killed you. I can't really remember anymore sadly and neither does my sister.

There was some hotel you entered, downstairs was a bar and upstairs were rooms.

I remember 2 of the rooms.

You would go west I think to a living room or bedroom.

You would then go north and be in the hallway with a door to the north and the bathroom to the west.

I remember going to look at a bathroom mirror and the boss's face appeared.

To the north was a curtain and you had to get past the ghost.

After you went back to the hallway and out the door you were outside.

You ventured off to forests or valleys.

The environment reminded me about a desert, something.

I absolutely remember the volcano and the cliff which had serpentine roads.

The terrain had pockets of gold inside.

I can recall getting to the edge of this canyon...but there's no way across. At the edge there was a strange plant or flower, and you were clearly supposed to do something to it, but I could never figure out what.

You could send down bolts of lightning, create earthquakes, spawn volcanoes, and all other sort of elemental stuff.

You could literally zoom so far out that all you see is the planet.

A mountain in which flames would erupt and the final enemy was the crater.

There was a dock, and I think you found a dead fish there. You found a key but it didn't open any doors. Everything has this sense of something ominous about to happen.

There is a sea funeral where everyone watches from the shore as the caskets drift away into the open ocean.

You are floating, moving really quick around, you could fly around everywhere, but you couldn't see the thing that you are.

*All text taken from The Escapist Portal video gaming discussion forum “Old Games you remember playing but can't remember the name of”

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